Request a Visit from Neptune Society

Neptune Society believes it is important to inform the community about cremation services and start the conversation about funeral planning. Funeral planning ties into retirement savings, medical expenses, and grief in ways that many do not expect. By spreading the word that talking about end-of-life planning is a good and important thing, we hope to help families prevent confusing decisions and heartbreak during the time of need, and create lasting memorials that will keep loved ones alive in their hearts for years to come.

If you would like a representative from Neptune Society to come speak at your event, office, church, community center, school, or other business, please complete the form on this page so that we may get in touch with you.

We also provide free seminars to the community to raise awareness for preplanning and to guide those interested in creating a cremation plan for themselves or a loved one. If this is what you would prefer, please RSVP to a seminar near you today.

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